Logistics of oil & petroleum products

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Welcome to this online course on logistics of oil and petroleum products.

Ever wondered how crude oil is transported from remote production wells like in Siberia or Arabian desert to refineries ? And then how commercial petroleum products like gasoline or diesel fuels are dispatched from refineries to your gas station so that you can fill up your car and go to work ?

If you’re curious about that then you’ve come to the right place !

This online training course on logistics of oil & petroleum products is designed to give you a comprehensive picture of the international oil logistics : from transport of crude oil to refineries, to dispatch of commercial petroleum products.

The course is organized into 2 parts :

PART 1. is an analysis of transport problems, particularly the transport of crude oil. We discuss : sea transport first, different types of tankers, different types of charters, costs and prices for this type of transport, the regulatory framework and operational matters. Then we consider transport by pipeline.

PART 2. deals with the different ways of delivering finished products from a refinery : by water, pipeline, rail or road, and the different restrictions that apply to them. Finally, we review the various controls that apply to dispatch.

  • Up-to-date global statistics of oil & gas

  • Update you of the various methods and technologies used to transport oil, gas and their products

  • Essentials of international oil and gas supply, economics and transportation

  • Primary logistics – tanker freight costs and chartering

  • Supply logistics – major international pipelines, shipping routes, and choke points

    • Gain a broad perspective of the global oil and gas business : supply and transportation
    • Understand logistics and supply principles and practices
    • Use Worldscale reference to charter a ship and to calculate the profitability

This training course on logistics of oil & petroleum products is suitable to a wide range of professionals but will greatly benefit :

  • Oil & gas field personnel

  • Operations, maintenance and engineering trainees

  • Other support staff who have an interest in increasing their understanding of the oil & gas logistics

  • Business Development Managers, Corporate Planning Professionals and Business Analysts switching disciplines who are required to have a better understanding of this stimulating field

  • Energy industry journalists and reporters

  • Professional personnel such as legal, banking, insurance, finance dealing with oil supply and transportation

Our clients say

"I like that I'm able to get an in depth look at an aspect of logistics that will help me to get the job that I am after."
Christopher R. Juelich
"I am working on a mathematical model of crude oil transportation from wells to refineries. This course was very informative about many logistic issues that I was not aware off."
Badri Toppur
"This is a good introductory course. Well worth viewing for beginners in the industry."
Gerrit Lock
"Excellent course and clear explanation. I liked the real world examples, very practical and reinforces the understanding of concepts. Great !"
Elisabeth Nixon

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